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The Learning Cafe | February 2017

  • Posted by learningwavenz
  • On February 23, 2017

Not if, but when.

You and your team have already given up on carrier pigeons, telex machines and you’ve probably no longer got any typewriters at work.

The software and smartphone apps you’re now using have probably improved your productivity, your accounting and even aspects of your decision making as an individual or as an organisation.

My guess is that your industry now uses some form of social media instead of advertisements in daily newspapers, billboards or radio as its primary brand building tool.

So, when will you abandon the employee review system you’ve had for ten years and that you know isn’t hitting the mark and engaging or empowering your workforce to perform better? Or the meeting culture inside your organisation that encourages procrastination and soaks up too much time? Or the processes and organisational structures that were designed yesterday and that are no longer delivering what your stakeholders need in today’s world?

Not if, but when.

Putting a date on it might make it happen. Intentional action is the trademark of a proficient leader.

Leaders toolbox 

1. What great leaders say to highly engaged teams

An infographic on what great leaders say to their teams.

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2. Four interview questions to see the truth in every candidate

Here are four types of questions designed to draw out a deeper understanding of candidates.

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3. Five things the best leaders do every day

Start by recognizing your staff members for their good work. And do it in public.

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Food for thought

1. The main reason that cold calling is a really bad idea…

A look at why cold-calling isn’t effective in the modern day market.

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2. Twenty books that have mattered to me

Dan Pink’s list of the books that have influenced him the most in his life.

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3. Why diverse teams are smarter

Striving to increase workplace diversity is not an empty slogan — it is a good business decision.

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