David O’Connor

Dave O'Connor

David joined the team at The Learning Wave in 2009 as our very first business development manager.

Working with major corporate clients over the years, David has learned the value of long-term strategic thinking as well as the need to deliver sales- and client-centric solutions.

His career has taken him to North America, the UK and back home to New Zealand, where he now keeps busy building lasting business partnerships with our customers. He also has a wealth of knowledge in securing industry funding to support learning programmes.

David has played a key part in the team that was recognised in industry awards with the likes of Stevenson group, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, and Pacific Homecare.

He loves the challenge of grasping the complexity of business, analysing needs and identifying the right solutions that will lead to real change.

“It’s about understanding the clients’ ‘pain’ and showing them a way forward.”

David enjoys the great outdoors, and his time on the road as a traveller has taught him many valuable life lessons, which he now applies to the world of business and learning. His mission is to build sustainable business relationships, and he’ll respond with a solid plan and the commitment to ensure it succeeds.