Geoff Wake


Geoff is a highly experienced facilitator and trainer with over 17 years’ experience throughout New Zealand and Asia. He focuses on customer service, management and increasing employee engagement and performance.

Geoff has led numerous assignments, from the scoping and design of projects through to delivery and implementation, including upskilling internal trainers.

His career started in hotel management, where he excelled while witnessing first-hand the diplomacy and skills required to navigate the world of demanding customers and high-maintenance staff. This led him to travel the globe, working in over 50 countries and furthering his skills in dealing with a wide variety of people and cultures.

With a strong focus on delivering superior customer value, Geoff has helped many New Zealand organisations achieve significantly higher levels of satisfaction for internal and external customers alike. He has a passion for improving communication within organisations and building strong customer-focused cultures based on open dialogue and accountability.

Geoff has a love of learning and is regularly sought for his learning and development knowledge and ability. He works with other facilitators to build their confidence and hone their skills so they can truly make a difference when working with others.

Geoff is a certified Neuro-Semantics Master Practitioner and Trainer, accredited by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) in Colorado, and has trained directly under Dr Michael Hall, the founder of the ISNS. He is also qualified in the DISC Behavioural Model, a Workplace Values and Attributes Analyst and a certified Meta-Coach.

“I believe people do the best they can with what they have. I help expand people’s resources and options to enhance their performance.”