Kelsi Veld

Kelsi’s abilities come into the picture once we receive the green light for a programme. She’s a great multi-tasker with strong organisational and communication skills.

Kelsi joined the team at The Learning Wave in late 2013, after completing a Bachelor in Communication Studies at Waikato University. Her academic background and strong work ethic have proved beneficial to the team as she brings all the pieces of the puzzle together. This makes her a great fit as our Business Support Manager

Kelsi has been involved in many of our programmes, including KiwiRail Health and Safety Leadership, Downer Inspiring Leaders Programme, and a range of literacy and numeracy initiatives.

“I feel like I have hit the jackpot! Not only do I get to be a part of the awesome transformations our clients go through but I work for an organisation who truly believe in their people and the work that we do”

Kelsi’s skills, along with a sharp eye for detail, equip her ideally for the demands of her role.