Liane Crawford


Liane Crawford has a record of taking on, and succeeding in, challenging roles. In her 15-year career she has shown a strong ability to move from strategic planning and pay attention to detail during the tactical and operational phases of a project. With great communication skills and a focus on results, she has helped businesses build resilient structures that keep on delivering.

In her previous role as Chief Operating Officer at Campus Link Foundation, Liane led the team that delivered over 300 courses with 2,000 participants across three campus sites. She has also worked in high-level sales roles with organisations such as Drake International and Goodman Fielder, so she understands the complexities and demands that are part of life in a large enterprise.

Energetic and goal-focused, Liane brings a strong work ethic to every challenge.

 “I love bringing the projects to life and seeing the positive impact that learning has. Making a meaningful difference in our clients lives – that’s the buzz for me!”

Liane enjoys the process of empowering staff to transcend what they thought were their natural limits. She’s a great asset to any business that wants to turn learning into a strategic advantage.