Micayla Cotter

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Micayla’s interests centre around sport, business management and communications. You could say this is the perfect combination of skills for her position in our Business Support team. It’s a non-stop, action-packed role that calls for lots of energy and a real commitment to delivering the goods. With Micayla helping keep our clients, suppliers and The Learning Wave Associates in the loop, complex initiatives can run smoothly and everyone gets the outcome they want.

In her career to date, Micayla has worked with organisations such as Shelter UK, The Guardian newspaper and Waikato University. Her responsibilities have covered everything from completing funding applications to coordinating interviews with a team of freelance trainers. Micayla enjoys the challenges of setting up events, working with large and diverse groups, and liaising with all sorts of stakeholders.

“Being a part of The Learning Wave team is really exciting because we truly believe in what we do and genuinely love seeing our clients be successful.”

You’ll find Micayla’s cheerful, energetic and highly professional presence when you work with her on your next learning initiative.