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Book Review: Life Is So Good

  • Posted by Rachel Ferguson
  • On September 16, 2019

Adele Holmes one of our superstar Account Managers has written our blog post for this month.

Adele shares some of her key insights and thoughts about the book ‘Life Is Good’ a memoir of George Dawson.

One of the most beautiful memoirs I have ever read, George Dawson hasn’t gone out and changed the lives of many à la Nelson Mandela or Richard Branson (whose autobiographies I would also recommend), however, his world view is worth listening to.

An African American man growing up in the southern states of America during the time of segregation, his life was with a lot of hardship, however, his attitude is everything. His ability to see life’s richness, to live with honour, and desire to never stop learning, (he became a full-time student and learned to read at the age of 98!) is incredibly inspiring. Simple yet powerful messages that bring warmth to the soul.