Drive your health & safety culture

“You manage health and safety compliance, but you lead a safety culture”

Every organisation has a responsibility to look after their people. To keep them safe and productive you must comply with policies and procedures, but is that enough?

Introduce a health and safety culture for total confidence that your people are behaving safely.

Move from compliance to culture

Being “compliant” does not automatically make for a safe workplace. “I may be compliant (‘have to’), but I decide whether I will do my job in a safe way (‘want to’).” Your safety culture is what happens when nobody is watching.

We’ll work with you to create courses that will inspire, influence and engage people at all levels of your organisation. This will ensure they “want to” act safely and that this behaviour is embedded in your health and safety culture.

Proven methods

Our solutions are based on robust and proven methodology.

Features include:

  • Consultation and alignment of safety culture messaging
  • Alignment with your health and safety systems
  • Workshop-based learning
  • Safety culture surveys
  • Workforce induction

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