We empower (whakamana) our learners to invest in the continuity of knowledge building to enable them to perform better.

We inspire (whakaohooho) our learners to commit to their growth and progress through the personalisation of the journey.

We challenge (wero) our learners to apply innovative, fresh thinking through the application of perspective by learning on-the-job.

We engage (tūhono) the hearts and minds of learners with evidence-driven, social learning.

“The Learning Wave is the only learning provider in the market
that ‘gets it’ when it comes to linking learning to business outcomes, and their guys know how to engage our learners.”

GM Human Resources 

Our Story

Since 2005, The Learning Wave has been working alongside our clients to deliver training that lifts the capability of their people.

Founded by Peter Allen and Martyn Mckessar, we have grown to a team of over 50 Staff and Associates all passionate about learning and the power that it can have to help people perform better. 

Our clients work with us because…..

  • We are a NZQA Category 1 provider
  • We are specialists in group learning backed with the latest thinking in adult learning principles  
  • We have a rich track record of building capability across the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors
  • We love working with a diverse range of learners from all walks of life
  • We offer national coverage with over 30 talented facilitators and coaches based throughout New Zealand
  • We match our delivery team to the needs of our clients and learners, and create learner centric experience so that the new skills can be easily applied back on the job
  • We have a proven track record lifting Maori and Pasifika skills and achievement
  • We understand workplace learning and how all learning needs to connect to business performance and behaviour change


“Our senior managers responded well to a learning provider actually making an effort to understand our business”

HR Manager

Our People

At the heart of The Learning Wave you’ll find our people! 

We take a team approach to everything we do. No success is one person’s effort – we bring people together from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skill sets, mindsets and assets. It’s when we come together that we make the impossible, possible.

Our team bring the latest thinking in adult learning to create meaningful learning experiences where the focus is on applying the skills to their day to day roles and ensuring that the training can be successfully transferred back on the job.

Community Impact

Learning has the power to unite and inspire people to take action in their communities. Since 2005 we’ve invested in tackling some of the key issues facing those in need in our community. Helping to create opportunities to build a better life.

We have worked with a number of grassroots organisations, partners and employees throughout New Zealand to create opportunities, nurture our environment and level the playing field.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity, and breaking down barriers.

Creating lasting change doesn’t happen alone or overnight. We partner with charities and organisations dedicated to advancing this.