High Performance Learning Journey®

At the Learning Wave we use the internationally accredited High Performance Learning Journey® method to build and embed a learning culture within businesses.

Our clients are enjoying the benefits of committing to a High Performance Learning Journey® for their people, teams and organisation. This method changes the way they learn and apply new skills, which improves long-term results.

The learning journey:

  • combines formal learning with practical “working reality”.
  • shifts the focus from gaining knowledge to better performance.
  • aligns learning with business goals.
  • integrates learning into the flow of work.
Commit to the journey - High performance learning journey
The learning wave high performance journey

Proven impact

Once your people have experienced their learning and development journey, you’ll see performance shifts, tangible results and measurable impact.

Here are some of the real changes our clients have reported in the last six months:

Absenteeism dropped by 30%.

Annual staff turnover dropped from 78% to 29%.

$120,000 saving due to better stock management.

Quality improvement – 82% to 97%.

Customised solutions

choose what works for your business 


Our customised learning solutions are developed using our thorough eight-stage client engagement process. 

We design our customised solutions using the High Performance Learning Journey® with a high level collaboration with your key stakeholders to ensure that the learning programme addresses the behaviours that make up ‘best practice’ principles that help shift behaviour by filling the performance gaps around skill and motivation.

All our learning programmes are created using evidence-based models and the latest thinking in adult learning principles to create an engaging learning experience. 

We offer a range of delivery options to give you maximum flexibility:  

• In-room facilitation 
• Blended facilitation 
• Digital facilitation 
• Train the trainer 

Delivery options
on your terms

We partner with Promote International, a prize-winning online learning transfer platform, to host many of our programmes.

Digital capability has become a key focus for our clients. Promote offers a robust and tested environment for us to transform formal learning into rich journeys. These can take place with ultimate flexibility, delivering performance shifts, tangible results and measurable business impact.

Our suite of programmes take the learner beyond learning to focus on performance.

  • Live, in-room facilitated sessions.
  • Blended in-room and online.
  • Online only.

In each case, your people will receive insight, coaching, support and guidance to make that learning stick.

We are proud to deliver many of our programmes and solutions in te reo Māori and English. We also have an alliance with AU Consulting who provide additional guidance and insights through culturally sensitive working environments.


Facilitated live sessions.


In-room and digital.


Flexible, online,
self-directed learning.

What our clients say

Take a look at what some of our recent clients have to say about working with us.

Traditional leadership development training focuses on “did I pass?”, “did everyone attend?”, “did anyone not complete the tasks ?”

Challenging this paradigm and focusing on what changes in behaviour were evident as a result of the training, Matariki Forests saw a real shift in raising the level of professionalism within their forestry crews – including leading a shift in attitude from “I’m just a worker” to “I’m a professional”. This was significant for a sector that has traditionally struggled to promote itself as professional. This change was evident ‘on the hill’ in terms of increased communication, crew engagement and leaders challenging the old norms and legacy attitudes especially around health and safety.

When people don’t learn the way we teach, we have to teach the way they learn

We engaged The Learning Wave to implement a workforce development programme with embedded literacy and numeracy to help our frontline staff develop foundational skills that could translate to all areas of their life to not just benefit their productivity and contribution within the workplace, but to also help them lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Following the programme, it has been particularly rewarding for Senior Leaders within the organisation to see the growth of staff both in terms of their levels of ownership and confidence, but also in their ability to respond to pressures positively. This includes those everyday pressures that we face such as handling and dealing with conflict, managing stress, and being proactive and solution focused. A testament to the programme and the Learning Wave Team has also been the willingness of past participants to act as advocates amongst their peers, readily identifying those that could also benefit and having the confidence to communicate what they achieved from the programme and how it has translated into their everyday work and life.

“The team at the Learning Wave were amazing at capturing our culture and ‘why’ and then implementing a programme aligned with what we are trying to achieve. This included providing staff with the tools to be resilient in the face of change, pro-active problem solvers, confident communicators, and critical thinkers”.

Workplace Literacy & Numeracy

Farmlands embarked on a complex 3-year transformation, aiming to unify systems, share information and unite their co-operative business. Whilst they had ambitious aspirations for disrupting the sector and committing to long-term change, they identified a critical risk – many staff did not have the digital confidence or growth mindset to engage with change.

The “digital mindset” is a new concept in New Zealand and there was no existing training Farmlands could leverage. They had to design something meaningful for Farmlands’ people that would support them to be “FutureFit”, ensure they were engaged in the transformation and were well equipped to personally navigate the future. Farmlands teamed up with The Learning Wave, who scoped and designed the FutureFit programme with intentional acts of digital development and literacy development woven into the programme.

FutureFit is a highly practical and skills-based learning programme that builds confidence in core digital skills and learning new technology. Farmlands knew that staff needed to learn Farmlands' "systems" but also required a significant shift in the digital mindset to be successful in the future workplace. FutureFit provided them with the platform to engage with more than 220 Farmlands staff.

Increased digital confidence has provided support to Farmlands shareholders to think differently about change and the benefits of on-farm technology. We have extended the reach of this programme and repackaged in into “Digital Ready” and ran this with Farmland Shareholders in Darfield with outstanding feedback and impact on digital capability. This was the precursor to our involvement in the MBIE Mini Boost in the Hawkes Bay in 2019.

The success and impact of the programme was further evidenced with Farmlands and Futurefit being a finalist in the HRINZ 2019 awards.

Digital Workplace Skills

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