Workplace Literacy

Our suite of Embedded Literacy training programmes help your people perform better:

  • Reduced costs because of improved quality control, fewer lost orders, better communication, less down-time injuries or breakdowns
  • Improved health and safety culture
  • Increased digital confidence and capability 
  • Increased engagement 
  • Cross functional skills and change ready workforce
  • A boost to your learning and development budget, while addressing an area that is important to your workforce

Supporting our Workplace Literacy programmes we offer:  

  • Literacy strategy development 
  • Documentation review and accessibility check
  • On the job training support for Trainers  
  • Employer led funding application support
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“New Zealand’s persistently low labour productivity growth has remained its Achilles heel – and well below leading countries. According to OECD research, New Zealand ‘s poor ranking in adult literacy is impacting its competitiveness on the world stage and limit our ability to adapt to a fast-changing world.”

Workplace literacy is best explained as the basic skills required for effective performance and communication in today’s workplaces. This includes essential workplace skills such as speaking and listening, reading, writing, numeracy, problem solving and critical thinking as well as Digital skills, and financial understanding. 

Did you know? As many as 50% of Kiwi workers don’t have the workplace literacy skills needed to function really well in a cutting-edge, technology-based workplace. Equipping your people with the “life skills” to thrive is critical to the success of New Zealand businesses. So, what are we doing about it? The answer is simple – everything we can. 

At The Learning Wave we provide workplace literacy training that not only address these literacy needs but also support your people to perform better in a range of focus areas such as:

  • improved health and safety in the workplace 
  • Increased digital skills and confidence 
  • improved problem-solving capabilities
  • better money management personal wellbeing and resilience 
  • building a stronger and more inclusive team culture 
  • development of transferable skills for today’s workplace demands 

What tells me I have a workplace literacy challenge? 

Many companies often don’t realise how literacy challenges could affect their productivity. People often develop ways to perform well in their current job but they lack the ability to make changes or step up to a new role. 

Signs to look for include:

  • difficulty completing everyday documents
  • misunderstandings with instructions
  • poor participation in team meetings
  • mistakes when calculating and counting
  • poor health and safety compliance
  • low uptake of new technology and new ways of working  
  • unwillingness to change or consider promotion
  • little understanding of ‘the bigger picture’ – what the company is trying to achieve.

Our practical Workplace Literacy programmes are based on the internationally accredited High Performance Learning Journey® methodology to build robust and effective literacy training programmes.

We utilise the latest thinking in adult learning principles to make the learning relevant and effective for your people.

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An Embedded Literacy Approach


The traditional view is that literacy learning is an individual’s responsibility and if additional teaching is needed, then it is done in one-on-one settings outside of the workplace. This educational approach to literacy upskilling is taught in isolation and is based around traditional educational teaching techniques. Underpinning our programmes we integrate or embed literacy and numeracy skills into real work situations to ensure that new learning is being constructed on strong foundations. 

We align our programmes to the skills relevant to your workplace:
The demands on frontline workers are ever increasing. Without the right knowledge, skills and techniques to support our Kiwi workers, this challenge has a real and significant impact on organisations and their people. 

By using the context of real work situations, The Learning Wave designs programmes that address the personal motivation of the learner and reflect the culture of the organisation to produce improved personal and business performance.

Funding Support


As an accredited provider of the Workplace Literacy fund, we work with our clients to help secure funding support – which will contribute to the total cost of the project. 

To be eligible to access the funding support, learners must meet the following criteria: 

  • A New Zealand Permanent Resident or New Zealand citizen; and 
  • Meet the criteria for low literacy (determined by a pre-assessment that covers workplace literacy reading, writing, numeracy and speaking and listening

We support our clients to define the workforce literacy challenge and determine what funding support is available. 

What does the funding cover?

The workplace literacy fund covers: 

  • The pre-assessment process to determine funding eligibility 
  • A site tour 
  • Contextualising a programme to your specific business context 
  • Delivery of a programme 
  • Learner resources and in-room resources
  • Certificates of completion for the learners
  • A Performance Impact Report for key stakeholders reporting positive shifts of learners

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Introduction to Team Leadership Qualification - with Embedded Literacy


This qualification based literacy programme will be available in 2024.

Team Leaders Skills - with Embedded Literacy


This skills based literacy programme will be available from late 2023.

Owning my Future


The key purpose of this learning journey is to empower frontline employees, enhancing workplace and personal skills. Staff will gain comprehensive tools to excel in their roles and beyond, while improving literacy and numeracy skills and confidence.

Target audience – For frontline staff, who need both professional and personal development. It provides them the opportunity to upskill and develop capabilities so they can “own their future”.

Click here for further information on the programme and how it helps your frontline staff perform better.

Step Beyond Modules


The key purpose is to develop your employees’ capability to improve both their on-job performance and their personal lives. These modules are designed to uplift skills in your people that will not only support them now, but upskill them for opportunities in the future.

Target audience – These are foundational modules that provide learners with knowledge contextualised to their own personal situations. They are rich with content to support all cultures and the in-room learning experience is around sharing and building of knowledge and skills.

Click here for further information on the programme and how it helps your frontline people perform better.

Customised Solution


We are well known for our fully tailored programmes. They are designed for your organisation, to resolve your particular frontline literacy challenges by focusing on skills, knowledge and long-term behavioural shifts.

We start by getting to know your organisation and team. This ensures the sessions completely align with your business goals and ensures we can embed the literacy and core skills so they are relevant to your workplace. 

We have a library of IP and core literacy content that we can weave into your programme and can suggest a range of delivery modes depending on your needs and people.