In an age of exponential change, continuous reinvention is no longer a choice; it is an imperative for long-term business survival and growth. The greatest risk to the long-term success of Kiwi businesses is apathy towards this exponential pace of change. 

The findings from the Kiwi findings of the recently published PWC 27th Annual Global Survey 2024 present a worrying picture – Of the 100 Kiwi CEOs surveyed, 83% of them report they have a skills shortage within their organisation, and 76% specify a lack of technical capabilities as a key barrier to business transformation.  

We believe that building the skills of Kiwi workers is the key to unlocking our ability to transform, grow and thrive. As a company passionate about helping Kiwi businesses perform better, we are pleased to see a renewed commitment to upskilling or reskilling employees – in fact, the vast majority of respondents (64%) say they plan to upskill or reskill their employees within the next 12 months to drive increased productivity, innovation and profitability. 

It begs the question, though – what are the other 36% doing? 

The importance of investing in skills, like an investment in R&D, cannot be overlooked – especially in an uncertain, ever-changing market. It’s not just an investment in the individual; it’s an investment in the future of your business. 

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